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tv   News  WMAR  July 20, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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progress on lifting the u.s. debt limit. coming up, a look at where things stand now with the plan. an update this morning in the death of a beloved music teacher hit and killed by a busy northwest baltimore street. and the heat is hard enough on us but what about our friend at zoo. what keepers are doing to keep them cool in the midsummer he heat. good morning, i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. they get a good soaking. >> they go for the big pool. >> that's what we all need especially on a day like today, right? >> yes. a pool in the parking lot at abc2. we will do the morning show from the pool and justin can do the weather and we will have a board up for you. >> that's a brilliant idea especially when we walk around with electronic equipment. >> it's battery controlled. >> let me sample that for you. you know what, you may not need a pool. step outside and you will feel the moisture in the air. 71 degrees. that's the dew point. that's really the true measure of moisture in the atmosphere
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because the relative humidity is relative. that number is what the actual temperature is. this is what would be the point we saturate the moisture in the atmosphere and produce fog. some of us are close to it withpatchy fog. 73 the temperature. recalculate with 77 pax river and they've 82 heat index. dullis at 80 and we are barely below the mark. we have got a dangerous extreme uv index today and a peek at our future radar wanted to highlight the fact there may be more thunderstorms that flare up late morning to early afternoon. brief relief from the heat. how hot will it get? we will talk about that in a moment. now back to the roads. someone else who has been talking about a pool, tonya. >> reporter: i have to find one. especially by friday. right now, we are doing okay. no one is swimming on the roads. let's look at 795 moving well in reisterstown. a little heavier traffic southbound to the right of your screen. no incidents here. all lanes should be open.
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in harford county we have an accident abington at wood spring. 95 southbound past the toll plaza fort mchenry tunnel a disabled tractor trailer on the right shoulder. so be careful as you pass. also, we have repairs to a water main west franklin at academy road. that's in the left turn lane on 40 west. charley. >> thanks a lot. after days of partisan gridlock and practically no movement between the white house and congressional leaders, president obama announced a glimmer of hope in the talks of lifting the u.s. debt limit. sherrie johnson is here with details. >> reporter: well, president obama voiced some interest in a bipartisan plan proposed by the so-called gang of six. it's a group of senators from both parties who come up with a proposal that would cut the deficit by 4 trillion u.s. dollars and possibly break the economy threatening deadlock. the government says the ceiling must be raised by august 2nd to avoid huge ink problems. president -- huge economic
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problems. the president said the white house has not had a chance to go over every detail. he said it was consistent with the proposal he urged. the bill is not expected to pass in the senate but the president said he would veto such a bill. >> my hope is that we can start gathering everybody over the next couple days to choose a clear direction and get the issue resolved. >> reporter: a senate mi majority leader says he will hold another debt meeting today at the white house. abc2 news, sherrie johnson. if you want to ask the president, you can have your -- about the debt talks or anything else, you can do it friday at college park he will be speaking at the ritchie coliseum. there will be a limited number of general admission tickets available through the university. the room hold about 1200 people so it's going to be small.
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i opened the door and saw bloody sheets and broken pictures with blood and looked at that. >> after you saw this thing, what did you do? >> i was in shock. >> the best friend of the florida teen accused of killing his parents and throwing a party says he was shown the body. michael says he got the invite to tyler's hadly's party by facebook and said it was a normal party until he said he took three ecstacy pills and murdered his parents and he he didn't seem upset or explain why he did it. hadley is charged with murder and police say he was denied bond and will be tried as an adult. a happy ending for a wind surfer missing in the san francisco bay since monday. the coast guard rescued the 62- year-old woman tuesday morning. kathy apparently got stranded when her sail failed.
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her husband says he is exteemly worried and has been about his wife because she recently underwent chemoer that pi and he didn't think she had normal strength. she said she could see the rescuers but couldn't get their attention. check this out. no it's not yellowstone national park but los angeles. a car crashed into a water hydrant sending water shooting 100 feet into the air. a few homes were flooded and they forced evacuations for those around the area. it took more than an hour to turn off water because it was more than 6 feet under water in the first place. incredible video. >> yes. it's amazing. also amazing the facebook question for you because it's this. when you go out to eat, is there a food out there you just can't say no to regardless of how healthy it is? >> we want to know what you think. coming, we will look at the worst on the menu and the calorie counts of some of the meals that may curl your toes. and the ocean city boardwalk face lift is staying
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local. the town council's decision for the upcoming construction project straight ahead when "good morning maryland" returns.
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now "good morning maryland." no doubt about it, it's been hot and when we get hot we can dive into a pool or head inside and enjoy the costs of air conditioning -- costs of air conditioning. about -- comforts of air conditioning. if you live at the zoo you have to take what you are given. look at this, this elephant at the maryland zoo spend most of her time of the hot days in an elephant sized pool. they flap the big ears to cool their blood. you now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 5:39. check this out. this was the view from the maryland science center yesterday just after 3. can you see it? that's the inner harbor. that was a big storm that blew through downtown. a half-hour to an hour of heavy rain in parts of the city. parts of the silty estimate over ionch and a half and bwi
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had 13/100 of an inch. then we cleared out and the mugginess is back in play. 74 degrees heat index at 78. this is the important factor east northeastern wind that eastern component helps to add more moisture. and even any instability from the chesapeake. so i think we have a good shot of getting more storms. north harford middle, one of the coolest spots in pilesville. 68 this morning. hour by hour, we are taking temperatures from the mid-70s to 90 or so. it could be lunchtime i think we will adjust that to add the chance of storms midday through the afternoon and evening. it's a matter of watching small boundaries fire up. and even though we are aiming for 95, not a record. 105 to 1101 what it feels like. plenty -- 110 is what it will feel like. plenty of fluids and keep the pets inside. >> reporter: a couple accidents earlier but those are now gone
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and cleared out of the roadway. let's look at the beltway on the southwest side. 695 at wilkins avenue, moving well at this point. that's the outer loop at the on -- with the oncoming traffic. accident up in har forecounty has been -- harford county has been there for a while. 95 southbound past the toll plaza, we have a tractor trailer that is disabled on the right shoulder. also water main repanes west franklin at academy road in the left turn lane and fire activity falls road closed between 41st street and union avenue. charley. >> it's 5:41. you may want to listen up to this. >> you may not want to. >> we need to listen to this. do you remember when mcdonald's big mac was the fattiest and highest calorie fast-food you could get? >> it turns oud out compared with the food in today's restaurants and menus, the big mac is a light weight. some of the meals carry 1200 calories alone. that's one meal. and they are burgers like
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applebee's fettuccine and chief stuffed meat balls has 1600 calories for one dish. and a peanut butter and chocolate shake from cold stone creamy is equivalent to two 16 ounce steaks and a baked potatoe. you know why the people want to hear that in the morning? on facebook, is there something on a menu at your favorite restaurant you can't turn down regardless of numbers like that. >> no matter how bad. >> wendy's. >> once a month i give myself a number 2 and i love it. stay with us this mork. he's been fighting -- morning. he has been fighting for custody of his children since they were taken away. >> an update on what if any success the baltimore county firefighter is having towards seeing his kids again. you never want to hear about a cop being shot. i am linda so.
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it happened to one of baltimore city's police officer overnight. how it happened and how the officer is doing this morning. [ kimberly ] when i was 19, i found myself alone with two children and no way to support them. people told me i wasn't going to do anything. and i just decided i have more to offer than that. i put myself through nursing school, and then i decided to go get a doctorate degree. university of phoenix gave me the knowledge to make a difference in people's lives. my name is dr. kimberly horton. i manage a network of over a thousand nurses, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] find your program at and i am a phoenix.
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it works great on wet or dry skin because it's seriously waterproof and ultra sweat-proof. coppertone protects across 100% of the uva/uvb spectrum. coppertone sport. embrace the sun. 15ments away from six. you hear about violence in baltimore all the time. -- 15 minutes away from six.
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you hear about violence in baltimore all the time. an office wears shot overnight. linda so is live with the latest on what happened. >> reporter: well, the police officer is just 24. police say he was responding to a call for a domestic dispute when he was grazed by a bullet in the hip. he was treated and released from shock trauma. he did survive. the shooting happened overnight just before midnight in the 1100 block of cooks lane in the southwest district of the city. it's a community of row homes. police say the officer was responding to the domestic dispute e got out of his patrol car and started to interview people when he heard several gunshots go op. he looked down and saw he was -- go off. he looked down and saw he was grazed by a bullet. the question now is who shot the officer. there are no suspects or motive and the cop is just 24 years
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old and works out of the southwest district patrol session. if you know anything about the shooting, please call baltimore city police homicide section at the number 410-396-2100. live at city police headquarters, linda so, abc2 news. baltimore police say they have a person of interest in connection with the death of a long time music teacher in the city's school system. dave wendel heirston was struck and killed by car by a man driving a stolen car early saturday morning. police say the car had been stolen about 3 miles away on liberty heights near the mall. neighbors worried about the crime in the city and the innocent victims and loved ones they leave behind as well. >> i don't know what could be done about it. i am sure the police are doing the best job they can do. i just don't know. it sure is a bad situation.
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>> he taught jazz at several schools. se is your vieived by -- he is survived by his wife and two children. a small victory for a firefighter battling to get custody of his children. his mother took them to trinidad and he has been fighting to get them back. os judge granted him a divorce and full custody but there is a down side-- a judge granted him a divorce and full custody but there is a down side. he has no jurisdictions. the boardwalk reconstruction is staying local. the town council street pay more than $6 hundred -- voted to pay more than $600,000 to a local company. they voted to go with timber seal provying 40,000 dollars of specially treated wood to be used on one block of the boardwalk. that wood is going to be
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evaluated to see if it has a longer life span and resiliencyagainst the elements. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> temperatures yesterday soaring to 95 in baltimore. we can thank the early afternoon thunderstorms for keeping it from going higher. in fact, watch all the temperatures here coming in yesterday with the highest amount actually coming in across the nation's heartland. 99 st. louis. if you have the wide screen set you will see the purple shading with over 100 back towards the west. what we are looking at today, the almanac showing us on this 20g9 of july that typically 88 would -- 20th of july that at the .cally 88 would do it. -- typically would do it. 1930 was part of a record heatwave with a couple records coming in this period. 5:56 up. and down at 8:29 and we will be watching the skies again to
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possibly erupt with some storms many now the heat is still contains and spreading from the nation's heartland eastbound. you see the ribbon of clouds that's what's separating the hot stuff from the even hotter stuff across the nation's mid section. cluster of storms diving through michigan right now. we will be pushing towards the southeast and while those initially will not be a direct impact, it may help to spawn storms to formulate morning through the early afternoon like yesterday. we have a light earn component of the winds coming off the atlantic and off the chesapeake and that helps to enhance storms to to have been in this part of the world and that's something we are looking -- form in this part of the world and that's something that we are looking at. at noon, this is how it looks from the computer model. many computer models have different takes and this time year very small spins or areas to live the air is hard to pinpoint. so this, take with a grain of
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salt, but the timing puts it central maryland early part of the afternoon hours. and then, maybe storms early part of the morning tomorrow. and we will look at the heat to build in with just minor isolated storms to fire up as we head to the next couple after noons. today, 95. it's about the heat index. 105 to 110 that's dangerous and oppressive. that's why we have the excessive heat watch. isolated thunderstorms pop up and midday in central maryland many keep the pets indoors and find a place to cool down. 75 overnight and heat index at 115 tomorrow. >> reporter: falls road is closed between 41st and union avenue due to fire activity. so watch out for emergency vehicles. let's look at the outer loop at liberty road. it is starting to slow downp ahead making your way down towards 70. give yourself extra time. the inner loop is moving well.
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harford county abington and wood sprain, an accident, 59 southbound -- 95 southbound past the toll plaza a disabled tractor trailer. 40 west at academy road in the left turn lane, an incident there. thanks a lot. don't turn off cspan if you want to see the debate. just go to twitter. >> who is going to be talking about the issues in 140 characters or less. and the first laddie has a beg announcement. who she is partnering with for a healthy america. details straight ahead.
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today the president talks to a news station about the budget negotiation and will talk to kabc in l.a. and kn about. c in kansas city. they are closed to the press and will begin airing at 5 tonight. republican presidential candidates will participate in debate held on twit they are afternoon. the debate is sponsored by the tea newt gingrich, rick santorum gar others will par taste pit. mitt romney and pawlenty and
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paul and huntsman will skip the event. while you were sleeping, nba player yao mening announced he is retiring. the hiewft -- ming announced he is retiring. ongoing injuries to the 7 foot 6 center caused him to decide to end his career etch was number one overall pick in 2002 and went onto play 8 seasons with the rockets. first laddie michelle obama is teaming with up grocery stores nationwide bringing fresh fruits and veggies and other nutritious foods to local communities in need. wall part, walgreens and super -- wal-mart, walgreens and super value agreed toics panned 1500 stores to bring fresh foods to underserved communities. it's 4 minutes until 6. a home falling apart causing quite an uproaring in a northwest baltimore community. >> abc2 is helping you to get the problem solved. what he being done to upgreat the can be -- upgrade the eyesore. >> fans after two incidents
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where fans have been hurt, changes coming to the ball park in arlington. a way to make breast augmentation to make your breast look more authentic. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 in the morning. [ thinking ] i know -- i'm going to invent a tool where people can enter the terms of the refinance offer they got from their mortgage guy, and know instantly if they're getting bamboozled. and i will start after lunch...tomorrow.
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you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." a baltimore city cop just doing his job responds to a call and is shot. i am linda so, the latest on how he is doing this morning. blistering heat today could mean blistering sore pet pause many how to keep your four legged friends cool and calm. a maryland company puts its drink product and your good will to the test. visitors had a decision to make. take the tea and run or donate a dollar -- or donate a dollar. we will